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Return to Kellogg is about what happens when a postman, a penguin, a mad scientist, 2 French Canadian farmers, a man in a cheese costume, and a C league hockey team, among others, return to their hometown to steal an off ramp to save it from being bypassed by a new highway. What follows is an impossible heist from a well-meaning ragtag team of unforgettable characters. 

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There just aren’t enough women directors in Hollywood, so RETURN TO KELLOGG became a passion project of mine. I experimented with stop-motion for a few years, created a bunch of quirky characters and decided I had a story to tell. RETURN TO KELLOGG is a love letter to the small town in Canada that I left to work in the film industry in Los Angeles, so it’s full of Canadian references as well as an International Cast. I love stories about people coming together to make something amazing. Which was basically my experience with story artists and film crews on every animated project I ever worked on.

Director BIO

My name is Carolyn Gair, and I’m an award winning Canadian filmmaker living in Los Angeles. I have over 30 years of experience in the animation industry working with all the major studios, from Disney and Pixar, to Paramount and Warner Bros. I am proud to be an Emmy Award winner and Annie Nominated, and I currently have a stop-motion short called FLOWER that has garnered several festival awards as well. I started experimenting with stop-motion in 2014 for Instagram. This is my first stop-motion feature. 

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