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What do Film Noir and Christmas have in common?

CheeseMan. A hard boiled detective hunting down a broken promise, with bad dialog and a good fedora. Welcome to the quirky stop motion world of Carolyn Gair.

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CheeseMan is one of many original characters of Carolyn Gair, Emmy winning and Annie nominated film-maker, and Director of the upcoming stop motion feature, Return To Kellogg. Carolyn has worked with all the major studios including:


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Her work speaks for itself. As a Sheridan College of Animation graduate, Carolyn has spent over three decades in the industry. She’s crafted an inspiring legacy by helping to create some of the most widely known television classics, such as Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. She’s worked with Disney to help bring the world Kim Possible, Jungle Book 2 and Brother Bear 2 and Tinkerbell. Her work has been seen in over 20 countries and translated into multiple languages.

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Carolyn's Projects at a Glance


Team Up and Build Something Unforgettable

Carolyn is in her element when it comes time to partner up. She’s worked on highly successful projects with Steve Martin, Eddie Izzard, Disney’s Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, Illumination’s Chris Meledandri, Writer/Producer David Stern and many, many more.


Say ‘hello’ to this prolific artist who’s just begun to make her mark in the industry. Carolyn Gair is actively seeking new projects and individuals that she can work with to create her next big success.

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